SMS & Whatsapp Marketing

Business must follow where customer are. Keeping this philosophy in mind, DigiFast considers SMS a powerful tool in today’s age of mobiles. Whether for SMEs or large corporates, SMS is the most economical medium to get messages out to millions in one instant.
Messaging has built its roots over email alerts in the global market. The high end information along with swift deliverability has accounted for change in preferences to messaging over e-mails. You can utilize our utility dynamics to send informational messages and alerts to your customers to portray valuable information, updates and transaction specific reminders.

Bulk Messaging

Bulk SMS gateway is a way of sending a SMS (Short Messaging Service) or text message with or without using a mobile phone. Typical use of a gateway would be to forward simple message to a mobile phone. it is a device or service or Bulk SMS solution which is offering by Bulk SMS service providers they either transforming messages to mobile network traffic from other media for send It can also be useful in developing web applications that we can directly interact with our customer via SMS.


Five (5) digit numbers are easy to keep in the mind and are interactive in nature. The 2-way communication enables you to reach out the customer very fast and quickly. It serves the purpose of both the user as well as enterprise. It has proved to be the most effective and easiest way to generate lead through advertisements. SMS short code is very widely used in SMS contests, polls, subscription services, etc. We are one of the leading Short code providers in India with a successful track record of catering to the needs of many national and international clients.


Long codes are one of the most effective and latest tools used by smart marketers for enhancing their companies’ revenue. Long code is nothing but a 10 digit virtual phone number which can be used to communicate and connect with customers.

Voice Marketing

Voice messages and calls offer personalized advertising experience using regional languages to reach out to various target groups. With us, you have the opportunity to interact with millions one-on-one, at your preferred time with a predetermined schedule.

Tollfree Solutions:

Our Toll Free Numbers in India provides your potential customers with a convenient way of connecting your business. The service charges are paid by you and thus, you get calls from potential customers which later turns into leads. Toll Free No in India starts with “1800” followed by a seven digit number. They are free when calling from a mobile number but charged when called through a landline.

Missed Call Solutions

Missed call services are key players in integrating customer database along with a variety of utilities including opt in & opt out services, survey polls and many more. This feature provides smart data collection from customers with ease of use as the customers carry no cost of the enrolment process. The prominent utility of missed call service is the speedy acquisition of customer details with a fully automated new age mechanism.


Telephony communication has revolutionized marketing and information campaigns round the globe. Here we present a dynamically designed tool which simplifies instant calling with intensified cloud based backend support. Place our widget on your website and we’ll ensure you are connected to your leads whenever they look up to you! Trigger a call between your agent and customer at the click of a button as soon as the customer drops his number! Experience the utilities of swift reach outs to you customers and diminish conversion time rationally!

IVR Solutions

Interactive Voice Response system has become a vital component of communication response for organizations worldwide. Implement unique voice response solutions for your business today and save valuable customer time by enabling them to reach out to correct team straight away! Adopt smart interactive trends and direct your customers based on their caller response. We offer diverse IVR solutions based on your requirements and handle automated greeting and response based directions for your customers. So get an effective automated interactive response system and handle your customer queries with ease.

Email Marketing

Sharing your brand’s message with a targeted, shareable, credible, measurable, and cost-effective tool worked according to the behaviour of the audience.


DigiFast mail supports easy to integrate APIs like HTTP and SMTP. For bulk email promotions, DigiFast mail also provisions scheduling through a bulk campaign manager.

DigiFast Mail enables simple creation of personalized email programs by enabling the inclusion of name, account identifiers and personalized offers. Promotions can be placed directly within the campaign template to create a highly engaging email experience.

We help you connect with your existing customers as well as your potential customers. We are experts at collecting, managing and segmenting your email subscribers. Through our services we ensure that your company maintains a profitable as well as long term business relationship with its customers. Our web-based application is designed in such a way as to know the needs of your customers and is grounded on an extensive knowledge of ethical mailing practices.

Creative Marketing

Creative marketing keeps brands fresh and in-sync with changing trends. DigiFast gauges the pulse of customers and provides businesses creative marketing campaigns. Our in-house creative team brainstorms to provide you tailor-made solutions that effectively engage customers

Performance Marketing

Mobile advertising has grown exponentially in India and globally over the past few years with increase in smart phone penetration and data connectivity. With millions of mobile users spending hours per day on surfing the Internet there are billions of impressions available to Advertisers to show their message. Clearly, no advertiser can ignore this medium.

DigiFast offers the lead based marketing which is the most effective channel for reaching customer that allows a client to directly communicate with those who already have interest in your business. It helps Internet marketing automation services can help business owners drill down into the exact queries leading to site conversions.

DigiFast helps clients achieve their business goals through lead generation marketing process through appointment setting campaigns. Imagine finding hot leads flowing into your inbox, what a win-win situation it would be for your business. DigiFast specializes in providing qualified leads to businesses.

We have a whole host of partner, affiliate sites in various geographies and for various interest groups for driving traffic to your landing pages. Our lead based marketing services help you get the leads that you want – based on the geography and demographics you outline for us. Get a higher chance of converting them to sales than your competitors.

Social Media Marketing

Combining technology, design & media we build advanced connections between brands and their audiences. We create compelling solutions that deliver and sustain business growth, starting from web and mobile applications to complex business enterprise software.

DigiFast is one of the leading Social Media Marketing Company with an experienced team of Digital Marketing Specialists, Ad Copywriters, and Community Managers who have a knack of engaging audiences on the Social Networks for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Need your advertisements to standout amongst the crowd or get likes and visitors on your official page, our experts can get the pieces to fall into places for you and our business.

Based on your needs and the current position of your business on the social media, our experts chalk out a plan and they start working on it immediately after your approval.